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  • What can you expect to find?
    As an upscale resale, boutique, we offer AUTHENTIC luxury handbags, upscale clothing and shoes, jewelry, pre-owned formals and much more!
  • Do you buy clothes up front?
    No. We take items on consignment. It is a 60 day consignment period. Once your item sells you receive a check within 30 days.
  • What days do you accept items?
    Every Monday-Friday 10am-5:30pm and Saturday 10am-4pm.
  • Do I have to have an appointment?
    No appointments are needed.
  • What types of items do you accept?
    Generally upscale, designer clothes, jeans, jewelry, handbags, and other unique items. As well as formals and cocktail dresses. We also love rare vintage items!
  • When should I bring my formal/cocktails?
    Please bring your short cocktail dresses in late July-September and your long formals at the beginning of December-February.
  • How does your consignment work?
    You bring your items to us and we take what we can on a 60 day consignment. We research and price everything at approximately half off of retail. If your item didn't sell, you'll have 10 days to pick it up or it will automatically be donated. If your item does sell, we will mail you a check within 30 days.
  • Any other things I should know about your consignment?
    We ask that things are in season, current styles, clean, in good condition and ready to sell!
  • What is your 15 point checklist?
    It is the consignees responsibility to check all items prior to consignment. Any item found not to pass the 15 point inspection below will be discarded or donated. Current Style - Bridge designers or above Label/Brand - Items with labels removed will not be accepted Overall Appearance - No fading or piling Clean - Pressed and on hangers with no wrinkles, stains or tears Hem - Good condition and no fabric tape Edges - No wear on fabric Pockets - No holes, tears or sagging Underarm - No stains including deodorant marks and stains Collar - No stain, make-up, lays well and no excessive wear Buttons - All present and securely sewn Zippers - Good working condition Lining - No tears or stains Odor - No pet, smoke, body odor, heavy perfume, mold or moth ball scents Seams - Tight Need - What is needed on our sales floor and what the public is wanting We do not want to waste your time or ours accepting items that we feel will not sale. Drop and run customers: You will have 10 days to pick up unwanted items before they become property of Back on the Rack. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to call us!
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